Webley MD After Hours

Your patients' needs don't end when your office hours do.
Let Webley MD After Hours be there for them when you can't.

Streamline patient communications 24/7

With Webley MD After Hours, your patients receive the highest level of care in handling their communications with your practice. Webley MD ensures that every call is answered in a consistent, efficient, and professional manner. We use simple, voice-driven menus to determine the purpose of the call and guide callers according to need, making sure that urgent messages reach the on-call physician promptly.

Set custom notification rules

Send notifications to your pager, cell phone, landline phone, and email, or any combination you choose

Have Webley MD call up to four phone numbers—one at a time or all at once—when a new message is received

Listen to voice messages online on your computer

Record your own voice greetings

Use your phone to record up to nine custom greetings and switch between them as needed

Schedule your greetings to play at specific times—during lunch, after hours, etc.

Change physician on-call status with a phone call

Quick 5-second call changes physician on-call status

Security code prevents unauthorized changes to on-call status

Manage your messages

Callers can tag their messages as urgent

Create voice mailboxes for different departments

Call screening, call routing, caller ID