Apax Partners

Apax Partners, Inc. is a leading international private equity investment group that manages more than $11 billion on behalf of major institutional investors in the United States and abroad. With more than 30 years of direct investing experience, Apax provides long-term equity financing to entrepreneurs to help build and strengthen their companies. Their investment interests range from classic venture capital to later-stage buyouts, and cover a broad range of industries, most notably consumer/retail, healthcare, IT/telecommunications, and services.

Forstmann Little & Co.

Frostmann Little & Co., which specializes in telecommunications, technology, education, and health care investments, counts among its former advisory board members Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, George Shultz and Henry Kissinger. Since its founding in 1978, Forstmann Little has invested more than $10 billion in about 30 companies.

AOL Time Warner Investments

AOL Time Warner Investments represents AOL Time Warner’s venture investing operation. Launched in July 1998, the group has invested in over 40 companies and has portfolio management responsibility for over 130 companies.

CSK Ventures

Since CSK Venture Capital was formed in May 1991, they have been actively providing equity financing to private companies. CSK Corporation, SEGA Corporation and Shinsei Bank, Limited are the principal owners of CSK Ventures.