Individuals and business people seek to communicate with each other, obtain useful information, interact commercially and entertain themselves in an increasingly mobile society. In order to fulfill these needs, one requires the ability to send and receive messages, access information and entertainment, conduct business transactions, organize daily schedules and stay in touch with homes and offices from almost anywhere, at any time, as easily as making a telephone call. The Family One patents are an invention of a network system utilizing computer and internet technology with innovative graphical user interfaces, integrated communication applications and interactive voice recognition technology. The Family One invention is accessible from standard telephone, computer or internet communication devices while giving users intuitive voice command of personal, professional and public information.

US Patents (expired): 6,775,264; 6,807,257; 7,327,723; 9,571,445; 9,912,628; Canadian 2,321,697; European 106,671,481


Family Two patents include voice portals that provide enterprise access to data or content database stores and consumer access to news, weather, sports, financial, travel, entertainment and other custom content. This invention employs a robust and highly reliable system that allows users to browse web sites and retrieve information by using conversational voice commands. Family Two patents also include voice-enabled systems for controlling household and commercial devices connected to a network, such as security systems, video and entertainment equipment or systems, outdoor or indoor lighting, sprinklers or heating and air conditioning systems. Family Two patents allow users to control and monitor remote systems and devices that are connected to the Internet or any other network by using voice commands.

US Patents: 6,721,705; 7,076,431; 7,386,455; 7,881,941; 8,185,402; 9,451,084; 10,096,320; 10,629,206; and applications pending.


The Family Three patents relate generally to the field of providing information access. In particular, the Family Three patents relate personalized systems for accessing information from the Internet or other information sources using speech commands. Information may include sources using speech commands to access news, weather, sports, financial, commerce, travel, navigation, entertainment and other custom content.

US Patents: 7,516,190; 9,377,992; 9,769,314; 10,320,981; and applications pending.